To Zero is not an organisation, it is a timebound initiative led by a diverse and representative group of Civil Society Organisation (CSO) leaders including survivors, practitioners, researchers and campaigners.

For the first time ever, the field has the chance to create a global vision to end Childhood Sexual Violence and a roadmap that charts the journey ahead.


Sexual violence affects millions of children around the world.

It devastates lives, families, and communities. While the issue is higher on the global agenda than ever before, barriers remain.

These include the lack of a problem definition, weak positioning of the issue, and inadequate funding.

In response to this evidence, the project aims to:

  • develop a collective vision to end childhood sexual violence;
  • ask what it will take to achieve this within a generation; and
  • encourage additional support to rapidly scale successes and nurture innovation.


Who and how?

The visioning process is supported by CSO leaders – the Champions Group.

Under their strategic direction and advice, a wider group of global stakeholders at the cutting-edge of the sector is responsible for developing a vision to end childhood sexual violence.

Both the leadership group and wider stakeholder group are diverse and representative of the sector as a whole.

Survivors are central to the process.


What else?

The initiative is supported by an implementation team including Seán Coughlan (Initiative Director), individual subject experts and supporting partners.

Expert evaluation, openness and transparency are integral to the process.